Monday, February 27, 2017

Hot Wheels 2017 Retro Entertainment - HALO UNSC Gungoose (DWJ85)

Hot Wheels just released a 5-vehicle set in conjunction with the upcoming release of HALO Wars 2. I've played one of the versions of HALO with my son (don't remember which version), so I was looking forward to this release. I was really glad to see the Warthog's release earlier as part of the Mainline, so I made sure to pick up a set from wheelscollectors from eBay while there was a sale going on. Shipping was fast, and the models were well packaged. This is the UNSC Gungoose. The casting has a nice heft, and the details look good, and I guess it is accurate (just a casual gamer of HALO, so not really sure). Card art on this is also fantastic.

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