Saturday, March 30, 2013

2013 Indianapolis Toy Soldier Show

Was able to attend the 2013 Toy Soldier Show in Indianapolis. Probably spent too much money. Nice selection of vendors.

I'm in a bit of a Space phase at the moment, and picked up Airfix's Astronauts, Ceasar's Astronauts and Spacecraft, and Orion Space Battles Set 2.

Rocket Base USA pt 2

The set I received came with figures showing 10 distinct poses. Not a huge fan of the white plastic, but the figures do show some great detail. Communication devices, either field telephone/radios or other forms, are shown on a couple of figures. Got to love what state of the art communications was in the 1960s. Nice selection of ground crew/mechanics and security for the missiles. The last figure came with this set, but doesn't look to be original. Not sure what he is supposed to be doing, but I find his pose to be unintentionally funny.

Deluxe Reading

Deluxe Reading

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Most Amazing Toy Ever Made (pic heavy)

I was able to snag a Deluxe Reading Corporation Rocket Base U.S.A. off of Ebay with the original box. It is "The Most Amazing Toy Ever Made", exactly what it says on the tin
Deluxe Reading Corporation
Box Top
Deluxe Reading
Corporate Logo

Deluxe Reading
Box Side
It comes with a mobile rocket transport - a cab/trailer combination that holds three of the missiles. The truck is generic, but is reminiscent of 1950s era GMC COE (cab over engine) trucks. The chrome is starting to flake, but is in good condition for its age.
Deluxe Reading
Mobile Rocket Transport cab

Photo of the Week (3/24/13)

Korean soldiers assist in unloading a Jeep from a C-47 (June 29, 1950, 111-SC-342851)