Thursday, December 22, 2016

M2 1959 Volkswagen Double Cab Truck USA model - Walmart exclusive

M2 has released a new series of Volkswagen Double Cab trucks exclusively through Walmart. At almost $6 a pop, they are a little pricey (as compared to the basic Hot Wheels). But these models look really, really good. Here is the 1959 Volkswagen Double Cab truck with a customized look. The paint may be correct for the period, but the wheels are definitely not stock. This could be the cherry red with black, but I'm terrible at telling.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hot Wheels Star Wars Planet Series - Tatooine

Here is The Vanster (DJL09), number 3 of 8 from the 2016 Star Wars Planet series. This series was another Walmart exclusive.  It was an 8-car series released around October of 2016. All of the cars in this series were non-licensed vehicles, so interest among collectors for the series for the cars themselves seemed limited. I've seen it said elsewhere that, while the card art was impressive, that was the only thing going for this series. I've liked all of Hot Wheels Star Wars offerings, including this one.
The Vanster has decos to commemorate Tatooine. This cost the same as a car from the basic line, so no special wheels, and no all-around tampos. I like the Vanster anyway, and like the tampos on it here. And the card art does look good.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hot Wheels 1966 Dodge A100 Van - 2016 Pop Culture Peanuts (DWH13)

I'm of the right age (almost 50) that I couldn't help but see the A Charlie Brown Christmas every year until I was around 10. This was pre-cable, so there was not as much competition or alternatives. Variety shows may have varied from year to year, but certain shows became classics that got shown each and every year. With the Peanuts, I was OK with the repetition. From the soundtrack by Vince Guaraldi to a script that didn't insult the child viewer, there was so much to like about the show. The animation wasn't Disney, but it was serviceable. The show became an indelible part of my childhood memories of Christmas. 

I was glad to buy this model to commemorate that. The casting allows a nice surface for the tampos, and the silver paint compliments the theme. The art work is not from the holiday show, as Woodstock didn't enter the strip until the late '60s, and the special was made in 1965. This is a great model for the holidays.

Hasbro Star Wars Command - Arena Assault

asbro sold a series of sets of toy soldiers featuring Star Wars characters and vehicles. The figures are around 1/32 scale, and the vehicles just vary in scale. I was able to snag a fair number of these when they started being sold at 1/2 off. You sometimes still see them in discount stores, but at closer to retail prices. I have seen examples painted up - I haven't tried that yet.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Hot Wheels Draggin' Wagon (BDL13) - 2014 Holiday Hot Rods

Here is Hot Wheels Draggin' Wagon (BDL13) from the 2014 Holiday Hot Rods. This series was a Walmart exclusive. Happy Holidays to all.

2016 Hot Wheels Star Wars series - # 4 Rockster (DJL07)

Hot Wheels releases (it seems almost monthly) small series of themed cars that are available exclusively at Walmart. A few months ago there was another 8 car release with a Star Wars theme - this time, planets shown in the movies. I assume in a bid to save money, the cars in these series are not licensed vehicles. That really isn't a draw back for me, as I get these for the tampos and the art work, not for the cars in particular. Here is Rockster (DJL07), a good choice to represent Hoth.

Yat Ming Jaguar E4.2 (#1010)

I picked this 2-pack at a recent show. Not a fan of the wheels, but like the casting. As a kid I wouldn't have bother getting this, but as a collector I like the variety Yat Ming offered, and hope to add more to my collection.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hot Wheels '34 Dodge Delivery Bus (DLB45) - 2016 Pop Culture, DC Comics

I picked up a few examples from this series, and I really need to be a little more choosy. I like the casting, and this is the only example I have of it in my collections. But the tampos aren't my cup of tea. It may be that I'm just not that big of a Batman fan, as I keep buying the Hot Wheels Star Wars, which are similar in execution. And I really like the Hot Wheels Star Wars releases.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Holiday Hot Rods - Trak-Tune (L1190)

December is finally here, and I'm hoping that the weather starts to become a little more normal here in central Indiana. Hoping for snow, and may get some next week. Wanted to showcase some of the Holiday cars Hot Wheels has released over the years. Here is a 2006 offering - Trak-Tune (L1190). I got this car mostly because I love the satin red Mattel does. Plus, for a non-licensed casting, Trak-Tune still looks like something you could see on the streets. Thanks for looking.