Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hot Wheels 1966 Dodge A100 Van - 2016 Pop Culture Peanuts (DWH13)

I'm of the right age (almost 50) that I couldn't help but see the A Charlie Brown Christmas every year until I was around 10. This was pre-cable, so there was not as much competition or alternatives. Variety shows may have varied from year to year, but certain shows became classics that got shown each and every year. With the Peanuts, I was OK with the repetition. From the soundtrack by Vince Guaraldi to a script that didn't insult the child viewer, there was so much to like about the show. The animation wasn't Disney, but it was serviceable. The show became an indelible part of my childhood memories of Christmas. 

I was glad to buy this model to commemorate that. The casting allows a nice surface for the tampos, and the silver paint compliments the theme. The art work is not from the holiday show, as Woodstock didn't enter the strip until the late '60s, and the special was made in 1965. This is a great model for the holidays.

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