Friday, April 16, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Post

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I have perused and lurked at a lot of different blogs that cover the realm of small scale modeling. Unfortunately, while they have been a great source of inspiration, I haven't really used their ideas and tips to increase my slow (almost non-existent) out-put in my model completion. I am a hoarder and enjoy the the process of acquiring models. I just get bored quickly and have "shiny object" syndrome. My in-progress list is, frankly, dispiriting.

I won't have much to add to the canon regarding better model building. I just hope to be able to get some models done.

On my work bench today is six LCM Mk III by Airfix, along with a LCVP by Airfix and a LCVP by Pegasus. I plan on converting 3 of the LCMs to the American configuration (using this review as my template). Although shorter than either the Forces of Valor or Dragon pre-builts, these should be close approximations of the LCMs used during D-Day. From what I can tell, the Mk III were rated to carry vehicles, but were a little too small to carry tanks. The Navy also used a Mark 6, which had 6 feet added to a Mark III, increasing the amount of cargo capacity.

The Airfix kit is 40 plus years old. Not a bad kit, though I'm having fits filling in some of the gaps. I'm not concerned with an operable ramp, and still am looking for some ideas on how to detail these kits. Photos of the in-progress to follow.