Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lucky Products, Inc. "100 pc Toy Soldier Set"

One of the first set of toy soldiers I remember playing with as a lad was a set advertised in comic books, as above.  My friend had gotten a set after responding to the ad. The ad didn't make mention of the fact that these were flats, so it was a little disappointing once received. Also, it was a strange mix - 8 officers, 8 WAVES, and 8 WACS, but only 4 tanks and 8 machine gunners. Don't remember wishing I had more Wacs when I was setting up a battle scene. But I do have fond memories of the set, and I was pleased to pick up a few at the Toy Soldier Show. Lose bag of figures for only $3. And at this point I like the facts that they did do figures of the WACS and WAVES

Bazooka, sharpshooters, infantry man, and officer
One of the WACS (or possibly a WAVE)
Truck and cannon
Jet planes
Machine Gunner
Infantry man

Background is the headquarters building from the Marx US Army Training Center.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I just found a bunch of old comics today 5/19/13, and found one of the ads for the roman soldier playset in the back of the comic.

I was always curious about those playlets when I was kid and never had the money or my mothers permission to send for it!

Thanks for the pics!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I too remember the ads in the comics of my youth. Great to see these photos so well done.