Monday, February 19, 2018

Esci 1/72 UH-1D Huey Hog directions (kit 9009)

Decided to digitize some of the box art, instructions, and decals of some of my unbuilt kits lurking in my plastic mountain. I need to downsize, and will be trying to thin out some of kits I know that I have neither the time or skill to finish. Here is a fairly straightforward kit by Esci - the UH-1D Iroquois known more commonly as the Huey. The Army nomenclature as HU-1 for Helicopter, Utility, or pronounced by some as "Huey". The Army changed its naming protocols, and the Bell Helicopter became known as the UH-1. If ridden in a few during my time in the US Reserves, but it was the later "H" model, which looks almost the same as the "D". I bought this, along with the Esci Vietnam era US troops and Vietcong, hoping to either use them for wargaming or a diorama.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Warplanes Collector's Club -Handley Page HAMPDEN

Happy New Year! Here's to a new and hopefully wonderful new year.

In the late eighties/early nineties, there were various subscription services available were, for a monthly fee, you would receive cards to build a collection. This was pre-internet, so this type of reference material was not easily available. At the time I was really into aviation and subscribed to the Warplanes Collector's Club. I don't remember now how many months I was enrolled, or how many cards you got a month (15 or 20 per month seems right). Here is the Handley Page Hampden. It is classified (for this collection, at least) as a medium bomber. The green square signifies that the dates of operation is 1939-1945.

Wikipedia has very similar, but more exhaustive, information. I kind of prefer the cards, though, either due to a sense of possession or the ability to physically "flip through" the collection.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Hot Wheels Olds 442 W-30 (DYB56) - 2 of 8 from 2017 Happy Halloween Series

Here is the 2nd car in the 2017 Happy Halloween 8 car series. These are sold exclusively at Kroger's. This is the first licensed car in the bunch - the Olds 442 W-30 (DVB56). I like seeing a licensed model in the series, but would have preferred a car that's not "lifted". But, given the series it appears in, I'm OK with the model over-all, as I like the new wheels, and the tampos look good in this series. The haunted school house is a $1 find from Dollar General. I repainted it to the best of my abilities - the kid knocking at the door isn't great, but still better than the "before".

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Hot Wheels Ratical Racer (DYB55) - 1 of 8 from 2017 Happy Halloween Series

October is here, so it's time to showcase Hot Wheels' 2017 Happy Halloween series. This year's offering is an eight-car series with a mix of licensed and original offerings. These are sold exclusively at Kroger Grocery Stores. What is especially nice for this year's collection is the premier of a new series of wheels - the HW Skull.

First off is the Ratical Racer. I'm not a fan of rat rods to begin with, and the purple plastic seems an odd choice for the engine. But, especially from the front, the car presents a sinister profile and seems like an appropriate choice for this series. Not my favorite casting, but the tampos and wheels make it an OK model.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Space Robot by Ja-Ru

I used to purchase my fair share rack toys with money earned from my paper route. This Space Robot is more recent example, but certainly upholds the basic tenants of rack toys. I got it for a couple of bucks at a Kroger, and it reminds me of the Micronauts Force Commander. I don't know if it was deliberate or not, but the resemblance is there.

Force Commander photo from here.

Marchon Air Commander from the Mysterians collection.

Convertible toys were taking off in the mid-80s, with Transformers first hitting the market in 1984. Marchon released a line of convertible robots in 1984, too. This was the Mysterians, a line of 6 figures, including Air Commander. I had one of these, the Major Repair Robot, which is surprising as I don't remember still buying toys this late into the eighties.

I love the schematic included as card art (images from here). Air Commander comes equipped with "Twin movable radar sensitive radar guns [that] provide front & rear attack defense". "Head shield opens to reveal x-ray scanner eyes". "Hidden body compartment hides swivel laser arms". "Armor plated droid is computer controlled from central attack station". "Central compartment flips down to release secret RADAR droid". "Side panels open to expose 2-way terrain stabilizers & movable roller wheels".

Johnny Lightning 1930s Batgyro

Johnny Lightning used to sell a model kit of the 1930s Batgyro. It was a "fiddly" kit, with small parts and no good way to assemble except for using super glue, which is not my forte. Here is the assembled kit. Looks good despite my lack of talent. The Batcave is a recent offering from Jada. Not really to scale, but not a lot is available for a Batcave in smaller scales. The Batman figure is from Zerboz.