Sunday, April 30, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy - Scorcher (DWD76); 4 of 8

Here is number 4 of 8 from the 2017 Hot Wheels Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 series exclusively at Walmart. It is Gamaora's car, the Scorcher (DWD76). The combination of colors of the car and reflective black surface made the camera go crazy - auto-focus and color seem off. This was the first time I've tried this set-up, and will definitely need to experiment to get the photos to look better.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Rivited (DWD73); 2 of 8

Here is the second model of the Guardian of the Galaxy series out now at Walmart. This is Rivited (DWD73), representing Drax. Reminiscent of a '70s era muscle car, it seems fitting for Drax the Destroyer, where nothing gets over his head.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Sling Shot (DWD74); 1 of 8

Hot Wheels just released an eight-car series at Walmart to coincide with the upcoming release of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. As it pretty standard for these series, the cars are all unlicensed models designed by Hot Wheels. Here is Sling Shot (DWD74) representing Star Lord. I've always liked this model for its futuristic styling.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter! - Hot Wheels Easter Cars (3 of 6) - Overboard 454 (DWC01)

Here is number 3 in the 6 car Easter set from Hot Wheels - Overboard 454. I think that these decals are the best of this series, and really capture the look of an Easter Egg.

Happy Easter! - Hot Wheels Easter Cars (2 of 6) - Yur So Fast (DWC00)

Here is the 2nd of 6 cars from the 2017 Easter set - Yur So Fast (DWC00).

Happy Easter! - Hot Wheels Easter Cars (1 of 6) - Torque Twister (DWB99)

My local Walmarts finally got the 2017 Hot Wheels Easter cars in stock (never did see the 2016 Christmas cars). The card art is OK - colorful, but not the best that I've seen for the holiday cars - and the car selection is all unlicensed models. In my order of preference, the best is Chill Mill, followed by Maelstrom and then Flight '03. For an additional $3 I completed the set, but really don't care as much for the other 3, including this model, Torque Twister (DWB99). The back drop is the Sto & Go playset that is a current Target exclusive.

Matchbox Tuk-Tuk (MB1054) from 2017 Regular Series

Matchbox, new for 2017, released a scale version of a Tuk Tuk, a 3-wheeled auto rickshaw used in Thailand (it is known by different names in different countries). It seems to be a fairly popular casting, as it doesn't seem to linger on the shelves. But, to be honest, given how intermittently the local stores are stocking Matchbox, its hard to tell if its selling or just hasn't hit the pegs. Matchbox, for me at least, is something you have to grab at the time if you want it as you may never see it on the shelves again.

This casting is well done - the tampos are appropriate, being colorful but not garish, and model seems to capture the original.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Matchbox Custom '95 Chevy Van (MB1052) - from the 2017 Regular Series

Matchbox has released a 1/64th scale version of one of its employee's real vehicles - Gerry Codyman's 1995 Custom Chevy Van (see further explanation, here). Matchbox has 2 versions of this model - one with a bike, and the one shown here with jerry cans on the back.

Johnny Lightning 1979 International Scout II

The new 2017 Johnny Lightning's are finally hitting the local stores, and I was pleased to pick up this 1979 International Scout II. International had a distinctive look, and it's a shame that they no longer make passenger vehicles. JL did a nice job on capturing the real vehicle, giving it a realistic paint scheme and convincing rim/tire selection. The front and rear tampos are well done, also.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Matchbox 5-pack Hazard Squad -1939 Chevy Delivery Van (MB746)

Matchbox recently released a new 5-pack featuring hazmat vehicles. I like Matchbox emergency vehicles generally, so this set was going into my collection. But the decider for me was the 1939 Chevy Delivery. I wish the tampos were more realistic - I don't fancy the paranormal research decals, and would have preferred not to have the '39 Chevy sporting hazmat markings. But still happy overall with the vehicles, warts and all. Here is the '39 Chevy Delivery.

Matchbox Fire Station - an attempt at a rehab

I picked up a Matchbox Fire Station some time back off of eBay. Wasn't complete, which I knew, but it had been "repaired" and then painted, which was not evident from the pictures. It was sold "as is" and the price wasn't too bad, even for the condition, so I kept it without complaint. The paint was rubbing off, revealing stains from the glue, so I decided to repaint it myself. Couldn't figure a good way to get the stickers off without damaging them, so just painted around them. Here are the before pictures: