Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cobra Attack Helicopter

The Indiana War Memorial has a smallish museum dedicated to the various conflicts Hoosiers have fought in.  In the Vietnam section is a Cobra attack helicopter (AH-1(?) - don't know enough to know which variant this is). 

Indiana War Memorial

Indiana War Memorial

Saturday, May 11, 2013


My geekiness is not just confined to toys. The current display in my home office is science themed.

The orrery is a model from a British partwork magazine. First came across it in Ireland. Got the model a few years back for Christmas, and am very pleased with the finished product. The chemistry set is one I picked up at a toy auction.

Toy Auction from the Carter Toy Museum

The owner of the Carter Toy Museum (now closed) passed away and an auction was held to sell off his impressive collection. The auction was well-attended. Below is just a small sample of what was up for sale.

I would have liked to buy the vintage toy ships, but the bidding quickly went beyond my budget.
vintage toy ships

The tin toy gas station was also sold for more than I could afford.

Vintage Trains at the Childrens' Museum

Part of the permanent displays at the Indianapolis Childrens' Museum is a collection of vintage trains manufactured by Lionel, American Flyer, Ives, and others. The display is behind glass, so getting good photos is a skill beyond me.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Model of USS Indianapolis

The USS Indianapolis was a Portland-class cruiser of the US Navy. Sunk by a Japanese sub, the 900 survivors were at sea for four days before being spotted by a naval Ventura. The character Captain Quint in Jaws was a survivor and famously described his ordeal and his hatred of sharks.

This is a model at the Indiana War Memorial built by William Waldorf.
Indiana War Memorial

Indiana War Memorial

Thursday, May 9, 2013

America - Heck Yeah!!!

Atlanta, Indiana has what is arguably the most awesome police car ever.

The graphics just scream "America, heck yeah"

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Martian Mine

3M (Martian Metals & Minerals) started a mining operation on Mars.The operation relies primarily on robots to keep costs down.

Shinsei produced a series of 8 diecast robots, 5 of which are construction-themed. I have acquired 6 of the 8 toys, and had many of these as a lad. Airfix astronauts may not be the right scale, but look good to me.

Mountains go with a Christmas village display (hence the snow); the rock face being worked is part of a Matchbox construction playset. I was going to shoot these photos outside, but it started to rain

Everyone Needs a Hobby

 Even though I grew up and live in Indianapolis, I have never been a racing fan. And the Indy 500 was huge when I was a kid - I remember, when I had a paper route, that the entire month of May had daily coverage in the paper about the upcoming race. Not as big of a deal now, but still fairly huge. That being said, I still have an interest in cars, even if I don't care to see them go around (and around and around) a 2.5 mile oval.

I was surprised to see a rally race starting right outside my office window last June 19. It was sponsored by Rally North America and was the Dixie 2012. I'm always excited to see people enjoying their hobby, whatever it is.

Dixie Rally 2012 - Noblesville
Dixie Rally 2012 - Noblesville

Monday, May 6, 2013

Take a Toy to Work

My job is fairly tolerant as to my idiosyncrasies and I can decorate my office within reason. I try to rotate my display every quarter, letting my toys see the light of day. This is my last display:
 A trio of Marx tanks on the top shelf; the tin lithograph HQ Building from Marx Training Center, along with a couple of tents and soldiers on parade. The top left toy is a battery operated tin toy, probably from Japan. I can't find any indication of the manufacturer - let me know if you have any idea who made it, and when.

Vintage Space Toys from the Children's Museum

After the war, Space travel was becoming more popular and seemed more possible. The serials of the '30s were popular, such as Flash Gordon, and were the basis of various themed toys. Once manufacturing production could be shifted away from munitions, toy production was resumed and expanded to deal with the baby boom. These are part of the collection at the Children's Museum.

Exploration Train by Cragstan, made about 1958.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Life-size Transformer

More goodness from the Children's Museum - a prop from the Transformers movie.

Never saw the movie and Transformers toys came out after I stopped playing with toys, so not that familiar with the line. "Life-size" Bumblebee - truly impressive in size.

Hot Wheels at the Children's Museum

Getting caught up and trying to get organized. The Children's Museum in Indianapolis, a true jewel for me as both a toy aficionado and parent, hosted a traveling display of Hot Wheels and associated items. This was in 2012.
I played with many of these as a child, and was drawn more to the "realistic" models over the more fanciful ones. My friend and I spent many hours building roads in the dirt or using wooden blocks to make highways. Sadly, I didn't keep any of these toys.
Life Size Twin Mill