Tuesday, August 28, 2012

World War II photos from my dad

My dad passed away recently and I was tasked with going through his photos.  Came across these, which were taken in France in the summer/fall of 1945.  None of the photos had captions, so I used the great and powerful Google to see if I could discover their location.

V2 Rocket on display
The only way to identify the location is the name of the business seen in the background, left.  It is "Pompes Fun├Ębres A. Galichet Fils".  It is a funeral home in Reims, France, and still exists almost 70 years after the photo was taken.  If this photo was taken in the U.S., I believe it would be unlikely that the business and area would remain as unchanged as it did in this case.  Europe has a better appreciation for its history.  The placard at the lower left states that it is a V2 Standard.

V2 Rocket on display
Here is another view of the V2 with funeral home in the background.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Photo of the Week (8/26/12)

Photo from Military Vehicles, 9/94, Issue 45.  Nice photo of both the barracks and the WW II era vehicles.  
25 Signal Co, 25 Inf Div form a convoy in preparation for embarking to Korea
 (Japan, 7/50; National Archives, 111-SC-34952)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Guidance Town Toys

Guidance Town Toys manufactured a series of building toys back in the mid-60s.  The detail was fairly good, and the scale was about HO, or 1/87.  I remember playing with these as a kid myself, using them with my Hot Wheels and Atlantic toy figures.  I had forgotten all about them when I came across this website.  He does a really good job of painting them, and these can be used for a variety of eras and locations (Mongo's preference appears to be zombies).  I had to get a set, and Ebay came through for me.

Here are the directions:
Guidance Town, with FoV British Paras and Dragon HMMVs