Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Johnny Lightning Pony Power Garage - 1965 Ford Mustang 2+2

The other model from the Pony Power Garage 2-pack - here is a '65 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback looking resplendent in what I am assuming is the Champagne Gold color.

Johnny Lightning Pony Power Garage - 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T

Managed to find this still on the shelves at a discount store - here is Johnny Lightning's Pony Power Garage with a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T.

Christmas Fair in Strasbourg

My wife had to go to Strasbourg for work, and I am fortunate enough to be able to tag along. Went to the annual Christmas fair, and found this booth selling tin toys. Would love to have the disposable income to buy it all, but settled on just browsing. The security is heightened and very visible.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hot Wheels Cadillac LMP (Le Mans Prototype) (28742) - from 2001 Mainline New Editions

In 2000 Cadillac decided to re-enter Le Mans racing and built the LMP (Le Mans Prototype). In 2001 Hot Wheels released their version of the Cadillac LMP (28742). It is a great representation of the real thing. I don't follow Le Mans, but the race cars have a certain flair to them.

Castline M2 1968 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi - Walmart exclusive

I'm a big MOPAR fan, so was happy to add this model to my collection. M2 does a good job on this casting, but I would have preferred non-operational doors. The passenger side door especially seems out of whack. Don't know enough about drag racing to know if this is based on a real car - I think that SS/B means super stock B class, but not even sure of that.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hot Wheels 1967 Custom Mustang (BFG90) - Walmart ZAMAC from 2014 Mainline

I don't try too hard to get all of the ZAMAC models, but I will pick them up when I see them on the pegs. This is a nice looking version with decals over bare medal.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hot Wheels Long Gone (BDR93) - From 2014 Pop Culture series

Here is Hot Wheels Long Gone sporting markings commemorating Hot Tamales candy. I like the semi-truck, and need to get it in a more conventional paint job.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Hot Wheels 2005 Corvette C6R (P2391) - 2009 Mainline edition

Hot Wheels released this version back in 2009 as part of the Hot Wheels Racing Series. The casting looks great in the satin blue paint, and the wheels compliment the look. From the card:
"Specialty: Modified with a wing, body work for racing and turned suspension for performance, this Corvette was made to beat all others in its class."

Hot Wheels Ford Thunderbolt (55027) from the 2002 Mainline

Hot Wheels 1964 Ford Thunderbolt (55027), a stock car from Ford developed for racing. This was part of the 2002 Mainline.

Hot Wheels 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible (CFR28) - 2015 Entertainment series "The Brady Bunch"

I think this may be the first version of the '56 Chevy convertible Hot Wheels has released. Based on a car that appeared in a Brady Bunch episode, the '56 Chevy (CFR28) is from the 2015 Entertainment series. Decided to try out some different filters.

Hot Wheels '74 Checker Taxi Cab (CFR35) from 2015 Entertainment series

A cab from the TV show "Taxi". Here is Hot Wheels '74 Checker Taxi cab (CFR35) from the 2015 Entertainment series. As a premium model, it runs around $4.00, and features metal body/metal chassis, and Real Riders wheels. I like the box art and how it incorporates a map of NYC.

auto world 1967 Cadillac Eldorado from the luxury cruisers series

I previously posted about auto world's Eldorado in what I'm guessing is Ember Firemist, here. Here is the same casting in, and again, I'm guessing, what is factory color Crystal Firemist.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Matchbox premium Supreme Hero - International Pumper (MB877)

Here is one of the offerings from Matchbox's Supreme Hero line. It's the International Pumper (MB877), and sports rubber tires and nicer tampos. Great looking model - the decals for the dials really impress me.

auto world 1969 Chevrolet Kingswood Estate station Wagon

This is 1/64 scale at its best. The detail on the taillights is impressive, and the Chevy "bow tie" on the hubcaps is a nice touch. Here in all its glory is auto world's 1969 Chevy Kingswood Estate.

Hot Wheels Prisoner Transport Bus (1795) - from 1997 Mainline

Here is Hot Wheels Bus (1795), as decorated here as Prisoner Transport Bus. It is the 1997 version. The windows have bars over them, which is a nice touch. Much needed addition to my fleet of police vehicles.

Hot Wheels '56 Chevy (N9046) from 2009 Larry's Garage

Hot Wheels 1956 Chevy Bel Air (N9046) from Larry's Garage (2 of 20). As a premium this has metal body and chassis, and Real Rider tires. Looks good in Champagne. There is an unfortunate blemish in the passenger side paint.

Hot Wheels GP-2009 (P2389) - 2009 Mainline

Per the Hot Wheels wikia, "The GP-2009 has been around since 1999 and has seen many names. It has gone by: Generic Indy Car, Ferrari F1, Jaguar F1, Jordan F1, McLaren F1, Stewart F1, and Williams F1. Originally the casting featured an open cockpit but in 2000, a driver was added to this castings interior mold. In 2009, this car was finally given the official name of GP-2009." As a native of Indianapolis, I like open-wheeled cars due to the local connection. I like the blue Mattel used on this casting, and think that, overall, it is a good example of a Gran Prix racer.

Hot Wheels 2016 Then and Now - Corvettes (DHR17 & DHR22)

Another pair from the 2016 Then and Now segment. This time it is a Corvette Grand Sport Roadster (DHR17) and a 2014 Corvette Stingray (DHR22).

Carmel, IN Artomobilia Car Show

Went to the Artomobilia car show back on August 29th. It was well attended, so getting good photos of the cars was difficult if not impossible. Nice variety as to the cars that were on display. Especially liked the custom Lincoln station wagon.

Ford Rally from August 22, 2015 - Turkey Run State Park

Stumbled across some Ford's that were participating in some sort of meet at Turkey Run State Park back on August 22, 2015.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hot Wheels Delorean Time Machine - hover mode (CFR15) - 2015 Entertainment Back to The Future part III

Here is Hot Wheels Delorean Time Machine (hover mode) (CFR15) from Back to the Future part III. From the 2015 Entertainment series.

Matchbox Formula Racer (MB246) - 1997 Regular Series

A flashback to an older Matchbox - the Formula Racer (MB246) from the 1997 series (74 of 75). Also sold as "Williams-Renault FW 14 B".

Hot Wheels Fiat 500 Police (CFH70) from 2015 Mainline

I like police cars and I like Fiats, so this was a natural choice to add to my collection. It apparently was going to be a Treasure Hunt, but things must have changed. The card still has the emblem, but the model just appears to be a regular. The Fiat 500 (CFH70) from the 2015 Mainline (50/250) HW Rescue segment.

Reminder - Free Diecast

Giving away totally free die-cast cars - details here. Ends December 15, 2015.

Matchbox 2015 5-pack Police Squad (CJM03)

Matchbox 5-pack "Police Squad" (item #CJM03). Great choice of models included. Matchbox does a great job on police vehicles, as can be seen here. From the packaging:
"When dispatch sounds the alarm, the police squad races to answer the call. From aerial surveillance to heavy armored cars, every inch of the scene is covered until justice prevails!"

First off is Rescue Helicopter (MB541). The tail boom extends and collapses so the model can fit in standard carrying cases.