Sunday, May 29, 2016

Greenlight Collectibles Exclusive Figure Multipack

I went to a die-cast show this past weekend (Yogi's Vintage Toy & Diecast) in Noblesville and picked up some new additions. The show is held twice a year and is a smallish show. Not sure how many vendors, but I'd hazard a guess at 15-25 vendors all said. I found some bargains and found some things I don't ever see in the stores, including this Figure Multipack by Greenlight. I got it for $5.00, which seems like the going rate. At $0.83 a figure, it seems a little steep, but they are painted, and 1/64 figures aren't that common.

Business Man
 The figures are pictured with a Johnny Lightning '98 Corvette Convertible Pace Car for scale (and because of the 100th running of the Indy 500 today).

Delivery Man
Police Officer
Seated Man
Vacation Man
Waiving Woman
Not included, unfortunately, is Particle Man. The figures are a little rough but I'm glad I got them.

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